Introducing transparent government across Europe

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Transparency is a necessary step to change the behaviour of European institutions like the European Commission, the ECB, the Troika, Eurogroup etc.

DiEM25 works this angle in the transparency pillar of our policy papers and through the #LetLightIn campagin.

DiEM25 Berlin's minutes will also go here and be moved later to a subpage once we have enoug content :-)

Campaign WebsiteCampaign Website

WeMoveEU campaign with 80,000 signatures as of 19/7/2017:

Article from dubious mediabut well written Express UK

Response by Draghi: European Central Bank

Questionnaire sent out by DiEM25 diem25_transparency_questionnaire_english_final.odt

Answers by DSCs as of December 2016

DiEM25 Berlin Transparent Tuesday #1 - 18/07/2017

#1 Discussions and hangout Digital Payments Platform General structure of DiEM25 Future of technology - When robots say No - Algorithms, smart homes etc that decide for you

#2 Transparency proposal by DiEM25 Berlin present on Slack and on Wiki nowdscberlin_transparency_proposal_2_.pdf

Fun fact: EC 1049/2001 states that 1 - EU institutions, bodies, offices etc should conduct their work as openly as possible 3 - Any citizen has the right to documents of EU institutions

Interestingly, “The reform of EU Access to Documents is stalled at the Council (2008/0090(COD)). Thus the current rules EC/1049/2001 are not adapted to the Lisbon treaty yet.”

Many more interesting points to start from in the policy proposal of DiEM25 Berlin. For more info, let us contact the ones who wrote it: @domschle & @rebe @Berlin Slack

#3 Action oriented brainstorm:

Youtube Video - comparable to ARD video Should be easy, fun, cartoon, simple message

European protests of tax avoidance by Amazon Google Apple Facebook (list can be expanded at wish) - Another shade of (in)transparency but transparency topic by DiEM so far Democracy related not Social Justice as would be the Tax Evasion

Importance to educate about who wields the power in the EU: The EC, ECB and so on, NOT the parliament

Need for networking, call for action: Which ways:

  • Internet: Videos, Social Media, texts etc
  • Street: Info stands, flash mobs, demonstration
  • Parliaments: Talk to representatitves at EU level and national level
  • Cooperations:
    • NGOs with focus on transparency&accountability: LobbyControl, Abgeordnetenwatch, Transparency Int
    • Political groups: Young European Federalist / Europa UNion, Junge Europäische Bewegung, European Alternatives, European Moment, Pulse of Europe, political parties

Action points

Britt to work on video: Connect her with Marcin Flashmob: inspired by One Billion Rising DE OBR Wiki Positive message, constructive - EU geht EUch an!

  • legal questions - Ellen to check
  • Artistic expression in flashmob - Claudia to connect with arts (Kasia & pawel)

Next meeting: 19:00 on Tuesday either at Jakob's or Claudia's Thanks for great vibes and hi to Carlos, who was just sitting at the table next to us but joined because DiEM is queen

DiEM25 Berlin Transparent Tuesday #2 - 25/07/2017

summary of European Moment, other kind of organizations but strategic possibility to get our content across, waiting for summary papers to spread to whole DSC, transparency as part of petition

short recap of transparent tuesday meeting #1 (see

legal question flashmob: gist: “do not disrupt for example traffic or disturb the rights of others and everything is fine” question of controlling the flashmob, setting and place very important. (thanks ellen!)

group analysis of the DiEM Berlin transparency paper, general content background & special issues of transparency (thanks to @domschle), DiEM25 campaign:

Next up: a playful, bodily experience of what transparency means, experience of the increasing transparency of the individual (data farmed consumer) and increasing opacity (intransparenz) of institutions (e.g. Eurogroup) –> widen our horizons and come up with ideas for flashmob

to be designed by claudia & kasia (see above “theater and transparency”) status: finding place finding time, britt knows someone with access to a circus tent but not available next week. (31/7 - 04/8) Claudia and Kasia developed a concept but also propose to do it in between 7th - 13th

DiEM25 Berlin at meeting of LAG Europa of Green Party Berlin Sept/2016

by Leo Fischer (Berlin Slack)

Hannes and me had been to the meeting of the LAG (LandesArbeitsGemeinschaft) Europa of the Green Party Berlin. There were around 12 other people, most of them Green Party members. The topic was 'Neue Bündnisse braucht die Union! - Gemeinsam Europa verteidigen?', and we were invited to represent DiEM25Berlin, together with Martin Caldwell (UK Campaigner consider themselves as a activist platform, along the lines of Campact or Avaaz, with a special focus on influencing the European institutions in a left liberal way. They introduce campaigns themselves, but also provide a platform for other like-minded activist or groups, such as DiEM25. In fact, our Transparency in Europe Now campaign is hosted by them. If you like, you can join up and support campaigns on from that, we hat questions asked about DiEM25, which we tried to answer as good as possible. With respect to the Green Party and DiEM, we highlighted the differences as became apparent in the exchange between Giegold and Varoufakis (, namely, that the Greens do not support the claim that EU institutions were to be outright labelled 'undemocratic' or 'technocratic'. This difference in reading might be one of the core obstacles for more support by the Green Party. On the other hand, that the goals are shared and thus cooperation feasible had also become apparent. Another question was, what the difference between DiEM and other groups was. Hannes and me reduced it to subjective answers, but in the discussion other likeminded groups were list, which might be worthwile to be approached: a) Transparency International b) Young European Federalist / Europa Union c) Junge Europäische Bewegung d) European Alternatives