A common flow of information for DiEM25

Our goal is to find a communicative sweet-spot in between the exclusivity of slack-channels, the impenetrability of the official forum and the bulkiness of mailing-lists. To build an informative, friendly and inviting place for our european endeavours.

After sifting through many possible tools and applications we quickly had the feeling that the most of them are good for certain special purposes but that there doesnt exist a jack-of-all-trades device for our aims. In the end we asked ourself: „What are the most basic functions that we want to have?“

So we decided to start with a closely connected forum and wiki. And added a news site :)

A news site for a crowdsourced daily news stream

One of the major improvements of the latest forum-softwares is that they combine a common stream of discussions with powerful filter/tag systems. In this way you can peek into the ongoing discussions (like a news stream) while being able to quickly focus on your specific interests. Try it out:)

On of the biggest inspirations of DiEM25 for us is the vast body of diverse experiences and knowledges that a pan-european movement like ours can offer. The question then arises, how to congregate and process such a knowledge in a way, that makes it easily accessible for everyone, and inspires us to work out political proposals that takes this knowledges into account. An open and collaborative wiki seems to be a good starting point for such an endeavour:

made with love by members from DSC Berlin and Hamburg

hosted on an own server (forumsoftware: Flarum, wikisoftware: dokuwiki newssoftware: Lobste.rs)

contact: Dominik